This is Michael Carrington. He works in Television and Radio!

Michael Carrington's Bio:

Michael Carrington is Director of the ABC's Entertainment & Specialist networks, responsible for its national Radio, Television, and Digital services. Carrington, who was previously CEO of Zodiak Kids Studios, and former Chief Content Officer at Turner Broadcasting EMEA, believes there’s a responsibility that comes with public service broadcasting to ensure a diverse slate of engaging programs, with an emphasis on content that makes an emotional impact on audiences. He has prided himself throughout his career on commissioning a range of content which inspires the audience's imagination and stimulates their curiosity – often underpinned by important themes like healthy lifestyle, gender equality, disability, or diversity – and wherever possible enabling audiences to have fun and laugh out loud.


Over a career spanning 26+ years, Michael Carrington has developed a deep understanding of how to deliver great content for broad audiences. He has the practical experience of working in both public service broadcasting and commercial television, across programming and production.


Carrington is a strong believer in giving back. He has offered key advice at numerous speaking engagements like Screen Forever, MIPTV, CMC, and KidScreen Summit. He makes a point to participate in various charitable causes too such as Save the Children, Big Issue Foundation, and the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

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Michael Carrington's Interests & Activities:

Board Member Media RING; Board Member (alternate) Freeview Australia; Founder & Lifetime Patron of the Children's Media Foundation; Member of the Australian Film Institute; Member of the British Academy of Film & Television; member of the Royal Television Society; and member of the International Academy of Arts & Sciences.